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At DFRENT, we believe there is a better way to rent cars. Although we are a newly established company we beg to differ. We try to keep things simplified and include everything you might need for your holidays in our prices.

We don’t believe in services that pass on through as “Cheap”, “Low budget” etc., that end up being unreliable or costing you more.

But we believe in “Value for Money” and it is our only aim in our business. To provide you with services with no complicated terms, overvaluated extras or hidden fees.

We are obsessively passionate about our business and we truly care for our customers. 

Choose us and let us be part of your relaxing, sunny holidays in our beautiful Crete island.



17 Ikarou Ave. Heraklion - Crete Greece, PO 71307                             

e-mail:  phone: +30 6951 30 30 85